Mercury Talent Candidate Journey…

You are our number one priority! One of the main complaints we received from candidates is that recruitment agencies don’t come back to them or give them the respect they deserve – that’s where we are different. We know that finding a new career opportunity and choosing the right one can impact in all areas of your life.

Mercury Talent provides…

Career Coaching

Using our industry experience we can advise you from your first step into the job market through to sophisticated search functions for those in the prime of their career. We take the time to listen to your motivations and desires as well as focus on your unique strengths and characteristics and guide you to make the perfect employer match. We understand the psychology of job seeking and appreciate it can be one of the most stressful times of your life. It needn’t be….

CV guidance and social media brand

Your CV is your first opportunity to shine to your future employer. It’s a shapshot of who you are but it’s mainly the tool to get you an interview. Let us help you get this right!

You may be a social media butterfly or totally in the dark – either way we want to advise you to ensure your social media presence makes a positive impact to your future employer and creates your personal brand.

Interview technique and preparation.

We know our clients and by the time you get to interview stage – we’ll know you too! This gives us a unique position to advise you on the best interview techniques to brush up to impress your future employer. You are the same – but each situation is unique – we will inform and guide you every step of the way from giving you ideas for closing techniques, down to proof-reading your presentation.

Discretion and confidentiality

We know you won’t want your current employers or colleagues to suspect you are job hunting – it’s our job to be confidential and we adhere to all data protection policies.

Honesty and Partnership

We know this can sometimes be lacking in the recruitment industry but we feel total honesty and trust is critical on both sides. We will always come back you with feedback even if it’s not what you want to hear – the hardest part of our job is having to say someone was unsuccessful at interview but the best bit is being able to give them advice and constructive critique to ensure the next answer is a yes! Mutual respect on both sides is paramount – keep us informed – even if you think we don’t want to hear it. Mercury is the Greek god of communication ….that is our strength but also our promise.

“………..Michelle had found me a Sales Manager role and had supported me through the interview process. I was counter offered and I dreaded telling her that I was pulling out of the offer she had set up as she had worked hard securing it for me. She was so supportive of my decision as she agreed it was the right decision at the time. She stood out against other recruiters and due to this I asked her to recruit my new sales team. She hasn’t let me down and I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending her.” Mr A Kemp”

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