Why Use Mercury Talent?

When choosing a recruitment partner, what are your priorities? We believe the first and most important priority is for us to listen and hear. We believe a consultative approach is essential as our experience has proven that each hire has its own unique set of expectations and challenges. Our pragmatic approach will achieve a successful result. Your business is your priority – we make your business our business.

Mercury Talent knows that open communication is the key and should be managed through various channels. It is our job to make sure we communicate in the right way to engage the candidate now and in the future to provide our clients with a continuity of service which works in the long term. Our clients list retention and high staff turnover as their most costly issue and creates a negative impact on business.

We know that recruiting for our clients also requires a bespoke approach so…

Whether you are…

Talented candidates we recruit

We are able find the right candidate for almost all industries/ niche environments although we have a particular expertise within Financial Services, Facilities, Technology, Automotive, Pharmaceutical, FMCG, Retail and the Public Sector markets.