Create your own Video CV

In order for you to differentiate yourself from the crowd in a competitive marketplace we would encourage you to record a showreel. It only needs to be between 1-2 minutes long.

Benefits of a Showreel / Video CV

There is only one you! What better way to express yourself.
You are more than a paper CV.

  • If you are looking to break through to a new sector or rise up the ranks this will engage your potential new employer.
  • In a competitive marketplace, this will get you noticed and in front of the decision makers at an early stage.
  • You will feel good afterwards – its good to highlight your achievements and build your digital confidence to prepare yourself for potential digital interviews. You are lockdown ready!
  • We can sell you to clients that potentially would not have time to read your written CV. Help us to sell you into your next dream job.

Your Showreel
should include:

  • Your name
  • What you are looking for in your next role
  • Your aptitude and relevant skills
  • Your availability
  • Type of organisation you want to work for
  • What makes you different (a success, unique skills or hobby)
  • Thank them for listening or close it your own way

If you need some further guidance pick up the phone and speak to Jo or Michelle and we will guide you through the process. Call Mercury Talent on 01962 462001.

Prepare yourself
and your environment

  • Dress appropriately for the image you want to present
  • Make sure your background is appropriate to your industry
  • Ensure there is no other sound interference
  • Think about lighting
  • Look at the camera as though it was the interviewer
  • Get assistance from a friend for film you if easier
  • Be confident and remember to smile
  • Slow down and be assured (don’t be a runaway train)
  • Get excited about talking positively about yourself – be proud
  • Try not to say “ermm”. Prepare and practice. You can delete and re-record as many times as you like until you are happy.
  • Ask yourself this – would you recruit YOU!! Of course, you would!!
  • DON’T BE SCARED – It’s easier than you think