Benefits of Video Recruitment

Working fluidly to adapt to a changing environment, video recruitment will ensure:

  • Safety of interviewer and interviewee
  • Effective pre-selection process saving time and money
  • To assess non-verbal as well as verbal communication
  • Identifying candidates aptitude with digital communication
  • Ability to spot unique personality traits to ensure a good team fit

Mercury Talent will utilise our own interview techniques as well as incorporate your non-negotiable requirements to ensure accurate and fair shortlisting. We will collaborate with you to ensure a mutual partnership and quantitative and qualitative approach.

Remote Talent Pool

The positive impact of Covid-19 has created a new perspective of the benefits of working and recruiting remotely:

  • Safety and compliance with Covid-19
  • Expanded talent pool of scarce skillsets
  • Increased productivity
  • Reduced sickness and absence leave
  • Less commuting, saving time, money, stress and increasing reliability
  • Reduced operational costs
  • Free employee benefit ensuring better work life balance
  • Employers reducing their impact on the environment and support sustainability policies