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How to be proactive in your job search!


Job hunting can be a stressful and disheartening process, constantly adjusting and tweaking your CV, writing endless covering emails only to be met with a standard confirmation response each time with no invite to an interview…

Here are 6 tips that will help keep you motivated whilst you are waiting for that lucky break:

  1. Quality not quantity – Be focussed and know what you really want! What’s the point in wasting time applying for a job you are not actually that interested in? Only apply for your ‘dream’ jobs, the roles that you could really see yourself in and which would enrich your work experience and career. Applying for jobs that you are over or under qualified for sends a very confused message – especially when you apply for two very different positions at the same company
  2. One size does not fit all – Don’t be ‘standard’! Now that you’ve decided that you really want this job, go that extra mile to prove it. Put in the extra bit of research about the company and the role, it will make a big difference and it will be obvious you have done your homework if you get an interview.
  3. Design and refine – your CV tells your story; a good story keeps the reader entertained and makes them want to read on. Make your CV your story, make sure it flows and rather than presenting a list of skills, give it a narrative explaining how you used your skills and experience through various incidents to help you get that happy ending!
  4. Sell yourself! – What’s your USP? Make sure you highlight your biggest assets – your Unique Selling Points and apply this in context to each job you apply for.
  5. It’s not always what you know – Start joining online groups, and getting involved in relevant social media conversations which may result in attending conferences and exhibitions where you can get chatting and build contacts.
  6. Follow up – A simple friendly follow up phone call or email to the agency may just make you stand out amongst their many applications and show you have a genuine interest. Don’t over-do it though, you don’t want to cross the polite and keen line into the obsessive job searcher!

Toeing the fine line between being proactive and seeming desperate can be tough, but staying on the proactive side is crucial to job search success. Good agencies are a great resource to find your true career path. Utilise the recruitment agencies knowledge to be able to identify your inherent skills to channel you in a direction that opens you up to opportunities and environments you may never have considered. Don’t be limited in your search – Let Mercury Talent identify your true potential.

Mercury Talent has over 30 years’ experience and specialise in sales and marketing. Call Mercury Talent on 01962 462001 and speak to Michelle or Jo.
Written by Michelle Crocker 16th March 2017

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