When Jo Horne and Michelle Crocker met 20 years ago, in their first sales job selling paper (David Brent eat your heart out), they soon came to realise that their lives definitely weren’t stationary! In fact, they shared more in common than just a sense of humour and a ream of A4; they shared a desire to be happy in their work, a determination to succeed and the drive to make it happen!

First, they knew needed to get some experience under their belts. They started working in recruitment on the same day; Jo for an independent and Michelle for a National consultancy. From then until now Jo and Michelle have been working hard in the recruitment industry gaining invaluable knowledge, experience, and of course contacts to enable them to finally bring their dreams to life in the form of Mercury Talent!

So why Mercury? Well it speaks for itself really…. Mercury is the closest planet to the sun – its core is so tough that it’s the only planet that can withstand the intense heat! In other words, they won’t let you down if the going gets tough! If you want to find out for yourself you’ll just need to reach for the stars – if you follow the brightest ones in the sky as they will lead you to Mercury (corny, yes, but a great analogy nonetheless)!

So, after months of careful planning and preparation, this week has seen the launch of Mercury Talent and already they have had some fantastic results with large corporate clients and SME’s keen to start working with them; and the best bit is – already people have been placed in their dream job meaning that now Jo and Michelle are helping others achieve what was, and still is, their goal – to be happy in their working lives!

Jo and Michelle’s mantra is to provide open and honest communication and with this they hope to bring total transparency to the recruitment industry. With their genuine, sincere and modest manner this really will be no challenge for them. Fittingly this week the world has celebrated International Women’s Day and these two inspirational women really are demonstrating some serious ‘Girl Power’! After the busiest week of their lives I asked the girls what they had planned for the weekend, their answer….. SLEEP!!!!

Written by Jane Jordan, Digital Marketing Executive 10TH March 2017

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