You have brushed up your CV and posted it on the job boards but you forgot to manage your personal brand on social media.

95% of the Times Top 100 Graduate employers 2016 used social media in their recruitment strategy. Use the following top ten tips to manage and maximise the opportunities social media can bring to your job search.

LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook are increasingly becoming channels you can use for job hunting and a way of your future employers looking at how you portray yourself online. Make sure you have reviewed the following tips to exceed your new employer’s expectations, create your personal brand and become the next hot talent:

  1. Write a captivating profile highlighting your accomplishments and personal strengths and the potential attributes you could offer your future employer.
  1. Make sure you have a profile picture. Profiles without pictures are damaging to your brand, it can make you look out of date.
  1. Take the perfect profile picture. The picture should be a head and shoulders shot. You should wear professional but modern clothes, avoiding patterns. Please remember to smile. Research shows that people who smile and show their teeth are perceived as more friendly. However much as you want to – please do not over filter.
  1. Make sure your content is easy to read choosing a clear type face. Check for typos.
  1. Use language and keywords that are applicable to the industry you are interested in.
  1. Increase your visibility; connect with companies people and groups who represent the sector or brand you would like to work for.
  1. Become a commentator, participate in group discussions and show case your digital skills.
  1. Be helpful, introduce people in your network, endorse others and share useful content.
  1. Blog and post several times per week.
  1. Ask for recommendations and endorsements. Remember your manners and say thank you.

Written by Jo Horne Director of Recruitment (Marketing Division) Mercury Talent Ltd (March 2017)

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