Where is the Talent coming from?

A modern recruiter needs to be aware of the multiple channels required to communicate to various types of candidate so we employ the best of the old and embrace the new recruitment techniques.As specialists within the Sales and Marketing environment the selection of relevant candidates are sourced through various functions

Relationship Management

With a combined 30yrs experience Michelle Crocker and Joanne Horne have a wealth of experience and strong relationships with candidates who have trusted them with their career management over many years. We also have many trusted client relationships which have spanned over a decade which provide opportunity and expertise for both client and candidate alike.

Resourcing / Candidate Data mining

The ability to use sophisticated and creative Boolean searching to find that elusive candidate. We can provide up to date salary surveys, benefits package data and volume of available candidates to provide analytics which can be used for your recruitment strategy at no extra cost.

CRM Database Search

A large and ever expanding database of qualified and engaged candidates that know Mercury Talent, and are communicated with regularly to turn passive into active candidates.

Jobs Boards

We have several relationships with major job boards to advertise and resource candidates that are active right now.

Social Media

We have the ability to communicate with those candidates in a way that is engaging and often fun. Large personal linked in networks of candidates within virtually all sectors with strong relationships.

CRM and Online Email Marketing.

A result orientated digital marketing strategy that engages both clients and candidates to represent and increase brand awareness.

Print Based Marketing.

Who does not like getting something in the Post? – It is so rare in todays digital world – sometimes the old ways have an impact that only a physical object can. You just need to know who you are talking to!

Networking/ Recruitment Fairs.

Sometimes people want to see you face to face. We still believe that in certain locations the good old job fair gives both a client and a candidate the opportunity to shake hands and see multiple people in an efficient and comprehensive manner. This has the added benefit – you can see how someone presents in the cold light of day.